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Sugar Belle®

Sugar Belle®

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As the name suggests, Sugar Belle® Trees produce bright orange, easy-to-peel fruits with a delightfully sweet flavor that's also uniquely robust and perfectly tart. A hybrid cross between a Minneola and a Spanish Clementine, these vigorous growers are known for a relatively early harvest beginning in mid-November. The fruits are fantastic for eating or juicing, and while you might have to work around the seeds, they possess much higher levels of vitamin C than many other oranges.

About Your Sugar Belle® Tree

Shipping Height: 18-24 inches (not including pot)

Shipping Pot Size: Citrus pot (4 inches square x 13 inches deep)

Rootstock: Standard grafted on a X639 rootstock

Pollination: Self-pollinating

Years to Bear Fruit: 1-2

Seeds: A few small seeds to seedless

Mature Height: May be pruned to stay happy in a container. 12+ feet in the landscape.

Light: Bright sun

Water: Medium 

Growing Zone: Outdoors 8-11, Indoors Everywhere


Pricing note: $6 of this plant's price is a royalty fee to the University of Florida.


Shipping: We ship to addresses within the continental United States excluding AZ, CA, LA, TX (due to agricultural restrictions). 

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