About Our Nursery

Murphy Citrus is a family-owned and operated business established in 2007 by sixth and seventh-generation farmers Billy and Valerie, who also serve as Sunday school teachers and pianist at their local church. The tight-knit nursery is run with the help of their children, Grace, Megan, and Caroline, who share their parent's passion for eco-friendly agriculture. The girls also sing in a quartet with their Mother, Valerie. 

We are located in Perry, which is well north of most commercial citrus production. We established the nursery in North Florida in order to provide healthy citrus trees for home gardeners.

Let's Grow Together

Billy and Valerie promote sustainability, not just through words but through their actions. Throughout the years, Murphy Citrus Nursery has implemented several guidelines to help reduce its impact on the land's natural resources.

When asked why he takes sustainability so seriously, Billy replied, "Our environment is where we live and grow the crops required for our food. It is very important that we protect it to ensure that farmers can continue to use the land as effectively and efficiently as possible. Without clean water and usable land our way of life would take a dramatic change for the worse."

Behind the Scenes at the Nursery

What does it take to grow 77,000 citrus trees each year?

  • 30,000 Sq. Ft
  • All under cover
  • All in pots
  • A dozen grafting knives
  • Plenty of sunshine
  • And one greenhouse toad