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Dancy Tangerine

Dancy Tangerine

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The Dancy Tangerine is arguably the nation's most popular variety, and for good reasons! For starters, they're super easy to peel and pull apart, with a sweet flavor that's not too sour or bitter. It also doesn't hurt that the trees yield citrus-scented leaves and fragrant white blooms!

While Dancy Tangerine trees make lovely landscape plants for those in warmer climates, they're also excellent for northern gardeners who can grow them in containers to be brought indoors during the winter. They reach mature heights of 10-12' and are heavy producers, so you'll have plenty to go around for citrus-based recipes, especially those 'spicier' ones geared toward the holiday season!

About Your Dancy Tangerine Tree

Shipping Height: 18-24 inches (not including pot)

Shipping Pot Size: Citrus pot (4 inches square x 13 inches deep)

Rootstock: Standard grafted on Swingle rootstock

Pollination: Self-pollinating

Years to Bear Fruit: 2-4

Seeds: 8-20 seeds

Mature Height: May be pruned to stay happy in a container. Without pruning, 12+ feet in the landscape.

Light: Bright sun

Water: Medium 

Zone: 9-11 outdoors, everywhere indoors

Shipping: We ship to addresses within the continental United States excluding AZ, CA, LA, TX (due to agricultural restrictions). 

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