How to Grow Citrus: April 2023 Murphy Citrus Nursery Newsletter

How to Grow Citrus: April 2023 Murphy Citrus Nursery Newsletter

Welcome to Murphy Citrus Nursery's newsletter! We're a family-owned and operated business tucked away in Perry, Florida, about 70 miles from any commercial citrus grower. The nursery was established in 2007 by sixth and seventh-generation farmers Billy and Valerie out of a passion for fresh fruit production and sustainable agriculture.

Now, with a history rooted in the soil, the nursery is run with the help of their children, Grace, Megan, and Caroline, who share Billy and Valerie's long-standing love and respect for farming.

Plant of the Month: Sugar Belle® Mandarin

Sugar Belle Tree

Say hello to the juicy and delicious fruit credited with saving the Florida citrus industry! Patented by the University of Florida, Sugar Belle® Mandarin is a mandarin hybrid more resistant to the devastating disease known as citrus greening.

Not to mention, this popular variety has found the perfect balance between intensely sweet and uniquely tart. You can enjoy Sugar Belle® as a quick, healthy snack and use the peel in cooking, cocktails, or essential oils!

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Pest of the Month: Leafminers

Leaf Miners and Leaf Miner Damage

When it comes to bothersome leafminers, out of sight really shouldn't mean out of mind. While most people don't even notice these pests, they're busy boring their way through leaves and leaving behind unsightly squiggly lines, spots, and blotches.

While leafminer damage is mostly cosmetic, it can be unsightly, cause stress to the tree, and create an avenue for citrus canker. Therefore, it's essential to watch for signs of leafminer larvae and adults so you can take care of them promptly. Timing is critical for treatment to be effective.

Tip of the Month: Fertilizing Citrus

Fertilizing Citrus

Depending on your location, fertilizing citrus often should take place starting in March. Choose a balanced fertilizer with micronutrients labeled for citrus. In Florida, a fertilization program should start when swelling buds indicate that growth is beginning or two weeks after planting. Apply fertilizer about every 6 weeks from March through August unless in warmer climates with little threat of freezes. Container grown plants or those kept as houseplants in colder climates may require fewer applications.


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